Frequently Asked Questions


From 1 to 6 players in the same room. We currently have a single game room, but we will soon activate a second one! You can then choose several rooms for groups that are larger than 6 players.  You can play alone, with your friends or join another group to make 6 players. The difficulty of the game adapts to the number of players; that is why you will enjoy regardless of the number of people playing.

No. Reservation slots are open until all 6 places have been occupied. If you book for less than 6 players, it is possible that other participants who want to play at the same time than you join the team.

As soon as we have the second room of our permises active, you can join groups of up to 12 players, and we will split you into 2 rooms, making that 2 groups. Let’s see which group gets the most points! 

For groups that are bigger than 12 players, we have different packs. Choose the one that fits you better! In that case, you can always contact us to adjust better to your needs.

We can offer company packs or large-groups packs. We can afford to have groups up to 24 people dividied into small groups which compete against each other in several experiences simultaneously. Unfortunately, under circumstances we can afford to have more than 6 people together in the same playing room. Contact us to know more about it if needed.

The experience is designed for adults. However, 13 year old kids (or older) are allowed to participate in the game, as long as they are accompained by a responsible adult who agrees to sign a security rules disclaimer. Kids under 13 years old are not allowed to play unfortunately!

The game itself lasts 35 minutes, and the complete activity lasts 60 minutes. All players must arrive at our establishment at the exact time their game session begins.

Punctuality is essential in order to enjoy the full experience. Keep in mind that we have several sessions programmed per day, and no group can be affected due to the unpunctuality of a previous group. That is why, if you arrive up to 20 minutes late, you will only be able to play one of the two rounds of the game. If you are more than 20 minutes late, you will not be allowed to play and you will lose the sum paid for the reservation.

We recommend wearing comfortable, casual clothes. You do not need to wear sportswear. The room is air-conditioned and the physical effort required to perform the activity is minimal, that is why you will feel more comfortable wearing light clothes. You can leave your jacket and other personal belongings in the wardrobes.

You will be equipped with three devices: (1) Virtual Reality Glasses, (2) a computer-backpack, (3) a blaster.

Yes, you can use your glasses without any problem!. Normal-size corrective glasses fit inside our VR glasses. However, we recommend using contact lenses to avoid any movement of your glasses which could affect a correct vision during the game. Keep in mind that you will have the VR glasses positioned over your corrective glasses, which means that it will be difficult for you to access them to place them correctly (and even more if you are holding your blaster!).

Of course! All our Game Masters can speak English and they will be more than glad to do so if you feel more comfortable playing in this language.


We are open from Monday to Friday from 16h to 23h, and weekends and holidays from 11h until 23h.

Our establishment is located in Madrid, nº 17 Reina Mercedes Street . There are two nearby metro stops, Santiago Bernabeu from Line 10 (dark blue), and Alvarado from Lines 1 (light blue), as well as several parking lots, restaurants and more commercial places.

You can contact us through email at , call us at 936 883 855 or fill in the contact form that you will find at the Contact tab from our website.


Tickets can be purchased exclusively online from our website. You can choose whichever day and time you prefer from the available slots. We do not have cash register or any payment system in our establishment, and thus payments cannot be done there.

Payment is done through the online reservation, and you can do it with credit card or using your PayPal account.

Once the payment and the reservation are done, it is not possible to cancel your reservation. No amount will be refunded, even if you do not show up at your reserved game.

If you need to add more players to your reservation or change the date or time of your game, you can contact us and we will try to find a solution which adapts to your needs.

If you require to reduce the number of players, you can contact us and we will consider your individual case. However, you must understand that as you kept that slot reserved it could not be occupied by anyone else. Therefore, Red Helmet reserves the right to unilaterally decide if the number of players can be reduced or not.

Of course! They are going to be more than glad!

To purchase a gift card you only have to send us an email or call us to let us know the number of tickets you need, and then we will explain you how to proceed with the payment. Our gift cards have 90 days duration since you purchase the card.


Don’t worry! No previous knowledge is required to participate and fully enjoy our Virtual Reality experience. Once you arrive at our establishment, we will explain everything you need to know to play and enjoy.

You will rarely feel any sickness. Our Virtual Reality glasses can, and must, be correctly adjusted before starting the game. Wearing them not properly adjusted is the most frequent cause of sickness. That is why, before starting the game, we count with enough time to correctly equip each player and adjust their glasses comfortably.

A frequent factor which may cause sickness is the quality of the graphical content and of the devices used. Red Helmet works with high quality VR glasses and designs its own content, thus adapting it to the physical surroundings the player will encounter. That is why it is very infrequent to feel any sort of sickness.

In any case, if you feel sick at any point during the experience, do not hesitate to contact your Game Master. She/He will help you to feel fully comfortable again.

Our games are, unfortunately, not adapted for people with limited mobility. Participants must be able to walk and move independently inside the room with the VR glasses on for the 35 minutes the game lasts. Moreover, they must be able to carry the 2kg computer- backpack and hold a 0.5kg blaster.

As your Game Master will explain, there are certain alarm systems to avoid hitting a player, a wall or any physical object located inside the room. If you do not follow these alarm systems you could have a collision with something or someone. However, if you behave with common sense there won’t be any problem.

Do you still have a question we did not answer? Please, do not hesitate to contact us at

We will be more than glad to help you!