Book 2 TEAMS:

Competition between 2 teams of up to 6 players each. The games are made in 2 different rooms. Total duration of 1 hour what team will be proclaimed champion?


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Our super Cooperative Game.

The perfect challenge if it's your first time with us. A story mode game where players shall help each other in order to finish successfully.

Year 2154: In a post-apocalyptic world, Beta team has dissapeared in 7 Sector of the colony.
Your mission: Rescue it.
To achieve the mission you will have to face the evil mutant villains.

To play together, mixing players of different levels


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Our new competitive game.

The ideal game for the most competitive teams. If you feel comfortable moving wireless with our equipment, it is the time to show who is the number 1.

An exciting space combat where you will face team against team on a space station full of surprises.
Two against two or three against three players. Which option do you prefer? Are you ready to teleport to the most special hyperreality experience?

To run a competition with players of the same level of skills

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